We’re So Happy We Swiped Right

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“If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber.”

Yep. That was really Joe’s pick-up line.

Many of our wedding couples (usually very shyly) admit that they met online. We’re very quick to say how we met on Tinder!

It was back in 2014. Bri was living in Rochester in the midst of nursing school. Joe was living in the Twin Cities and working for the Air Force as an Aircraft Mechanic.

These were our *actual* Tinder profile pics when we both decided to swipe right…

So, we matched. In October of 2014. We started texting… a LOT. Then all of the sudden, we stopped talking. Bri didn’t really notice much. If you’ve ever been to nursing school, you know how it is all consuming.

Later, Bri realized it was because she called Joe a noob for having a Wild hockey jersey with his last name on it. Being a hockey player growing up, she knew this was a total noob move. She was kidding, but Joe didn’t take it that way. He took his Humphrey jersey and decided to stop texting back.

We both went on with our lives.

Christmas rolled around. Joe texted Bri, “Merry Christmas!” He finally got over the jersey fiasco.

We texted absolute NOVELS to each other for the next week. Lord of the Rings length worth of texts. Ones that took you half an hour to read and answer back. It was obnoxious to say the least.

Then late one Saturday night, after Bri worked two jobs that day, Joe called Bri.

We talked for a LONG time, until 4am. We laughed the entire phone call. Seriously, we just kept laughing. We knew something was different about this Tinder match.

The day after the phone call, Bri went back to work. She was so exhausted but it didn’t matter. She spent the day dreaming about the guy she stayed up talking to all night.

Then, Joe asked *hypothetically* if Bri would be okay if he came to see her down in Rochester. Bri said yes, *hypothetically*…

Well, Joe took that as a YES. He drove over 80 miles down to Rochester that very night. We were both SO nervous, but excited. Bri walked down her apartment stairs to the door and saw no one. Then, poking his head around the corner, Joe said, “WOW, I’m really glad you’re not a random old lady!”

We couldn’t stop laughing

Catch up with The Story of Us Here:

Part One: We’re So Happy We Swiped Right

Part Two: Finger Photos and the Threatening of Joe’s Life

Part Three: 3.14 Day

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