3.14 Day

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We had been dating for two months by this point. Our relationship had gone through a series of funny mom incidents, Wild Games, and meeting each other’s families. We celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together and even our first Pi Day!

Our First Valentine’s

Joe did something really sweet for Bri on Valentine’s Day. While we were hanging out, Bri had played her favorite song – a Jason Mraz song, “Long Drive”. She happened to mention to Joe that it was her favorite. Joe’s ears perked up and he decided to remember that little nugget of information.

Taking the trip down to Rochester, Joe showed up at Bri’s apartment on Valentine’s Day. He was walking up the stairs fumbling with everything he was carrying. Beneath a fleece Mario blanket (which Joe STILL uses as his blanket to sleep each night… but that’s a story for another time..) was a very large something. It was… guitar shaped… Bri noticed right away he had his guitar with him! So that surprise didn’t work. Bri was very surprised though, when Joe started playing and singing her favorite song! She barely remembered she had told him about it!

Not only did Joe learn the song “Long Drive” in one week to play it for Bri, he even brought over food and a fondue maker! Bri felt so loved, she knew at that point that Joe was the man for her.

Pi Day

Pi Day was the day Joe asked Bri to be his girlfriend. Baker’s Square was our restaurant of choice to get some pie to celebrate. We probably got some weird pie flavors because if you don’t get to Baker’s square or Perkins by 8am on Pi Day EVERY GOOD PIE is taken!! Well, we definitely were not there early. Total amateur mistake.

When we were back at Bri’s apartment, Joe asked her to be his official girlfriend. It wasn’t a grand gesture – it was sweet and just between us. It was very fitting that it happened on Pi Day, because neither of us are very good at remembering dates, but neither of us would forget Pi Day.

Now every (dating) anniversary we make sure to get some pie – whether it be dessert pie or a pizza pie – or both! It’s a tradition that is sure to stand the test of time.

Catch up with The Story of Us here:

Part One: We’re So Happy We Swiped Right

Part Two: Finger Photos and the Threatening of Joe’s Life

Part Three: 3.14 Day

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