Stillwater Winter Engagement Session

It was very cold out, and then the sun broke through the clouds. Winter time sun is – well. Magical. And a lot warmer than *just* clouds. We found a spot down by the river in Stillwater. Tried to keep moving because of the cold. With visible breath and some icy beards we still managed to have a ton of fun during this engagement session!

When you look at these two, they are such a cute couple. But beyond that, we couldn’t believe the palpable LOVE you can see in these photos when Josh looks at Leah. We’ve never seen that come through on camera so much as it does with these two. We couldn’t get over it. We still aren’t over it. Leah, you truly have found a man that one hundred percent loves you. It is absolutely adorable.

Leah and Josh, you’re the sweetest couple! You clearly fit together so well. You guys weren’t afraid to do anything we asked. You braved the cold – even in a skirt! And we had a blast with you two. We cannot to be a part of your big day in October!

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