Chinese Food Engagement Session

They met over a bowl of noodles. Alex was on the fence. She wasn’t going to know many people at this wedding. But a Chinese wedding? That got her interested. She had never been to a Chinese wedding before. So she went. And Adam was there. Noodles were eaten. And that was the beginning of a great love story. It’s only fitting that they included Chinese Food into their engagement session!

They have been through a lot this past year. Everyone has. These two have had their lives completely changed. Flipped upside down. The most inspiring part of it though, is that they made the best of it. They took advantage of the downtime to grow further in love with each other, and spend precious time with family.

Alex and Adam, we love that you guys are so goofy with each other. Adam, you make Alex laugh non-stop. We know how important it is to keep laughing in marriage, especially when life throws you a curve ball. You guys are already set for success in that category! We love your guys’ crazy style. We love your ability to go with the flow (even when it’s -2 degrees outside!). We love that you wore vintage clothes at your engagement session. We love that you love your families SO much. And we love that you two are so kind and generous.

We are SO excited for your July Wedding!

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